May on Kaua’i is what we call our ‘shoulder season’.  What this means is that The Right Slice slows down just enough for Baker Sandy to take a deep breath and do some re-evaluating of how the business is going over the past 6 months.  Right before we jump into the busy summer season and see all of our fabulous families returning for their annual summer vacations…you know who you are, and we are excited for your return.


Kind of like when you go to bed at night and think….where did the day go and why the heck didn’t my to do list get any shorter???  You know the times…

This month we decided to not only let Baker Sandy take a look at The Right Slice, but also to ask our customers how things are going.  That’s right, we know you LOVE to tell us what you think.  And most of the time we love hearing it!  😉

Well, from today through the next couple of weeks we will be posting fun customer input questions on our Facebook pages.  If you are not already a TRS FB Pie fan, what are you waiting for???  Thanksgiving?!?  The Lihue shop’s page is here.  Our Kalaheo shop’s page is here.

Now, once you love us…ok, you already love the pie…which is why you are reading this post, now that you have ‘liked’ us on Facebook, be sure to check in over the next couple of weeks and participate in our Customer Input posts.


Today’s question is:  What time of day would you like to see The Right Slice open for business?

That’s right…we want to know when YOUR pie cravings hit.  Is is as soon as you crawl out of bed and man, if only there was a place to have a slice of pie for breakfast with my coffee. …or is it lunch break?  I forgot to pack my lunch…if only I had a hot chicken pot pie to grind on.  Or maybe it is on the way home from work? ….shoots, I don’t want to cook dinner after the day I have had, I’m gonna call Baker Jay and tell her to whip up some Shepherd’s pies for me and the kids.  Or…is it that late night, munchies attack that creeps up on you just before bed.  9:30 pm…if only TRS was open right now, I could SOOOOO use a huge slice of Mango Lilikoi Pie with ice cream!


I know…we could all eat pie all day long…BUT…what time of day are you most likely to be knocking on our door?

We want to know!

Who knows…you just might see some changes a coming this summer…ooooohhhh, was that a teaser?!?  Yes, yes it was!

Oh…and in case your time is valuable, who are we kidding, we know it is….we will be drawing from all of the customer input posts and someone will win a summer’s worth of pie!!!  That’s right…the more constructive input you give us, the better your odds are.  And seriously, a summer of pie?!?!  WHAT?!?!  Even I am down for that, and I work at the pie shop!