Cranberry Apple:
Add fresh cranberries to your classic apple pie.

Cranberry Pudding Pie:
Baker’s favorite. A cakey texture with delicious fresh cranberries exploding throughout!

Dutch Apple:
A creamy apple filling with delicious sweet crumb topping.

Eggnog Pie:
A light and creamy holiday favorite. Must have whipped cream!

A delicate blend of local guavas with just a touch of sugar.

Mountain Apple:
Light and floral….a must have…when in season.

Traditional peach pie…with a hint of nutmeg and cinnamon.

Peach Melba:
Add fresh raspberries to your peach pie

Sweet and gooey…with a hint of vanilla.

A holiday favorite.

Pumpkin Crunch:
Add our sweet and salty topping to a traditional holiday favorite.

Pumpkin Pecan:
Can’t decide? Have both holiday favorites in one pie!

Ruby Red Grapefruit:
A fantastic graprefruit curd packed with sections of tangy grapefruit.

Rum Pecan:
Add a shot of our local Koloa Rum