The Right Slice, Kaua’i Fresh Pies…growing growing growing…

We are excited to announce that the Port Allen Sunset Grill is trying out our pies!  Be sure to stop in for lunch or dinner and have a slice…tell them how EXCITED you are to see dessert on their menu!

And don’t forget, you can also get The Right Slice pies at the new Kalaheo Steak and Ribs restaurant from Tuesday through  Sunday evenings!  Chocolate Coconut and Classic Apple Pies are their current flavors.

This weekend will be fun….we are trying out a new pie flavor at our Hanapepe Art Night booth….Sweet Carrot Pie….using fresh delicious carrots from our buddies at the KCC Farmer’s Market!   We can’t wait to see what everyone thinks about the new Fresh Pie Flavor!

We also started something new last week….Question of the Week…we will have an easel set up at our booth with a question for you to answer.  Last week’s question was what is your favorite pie flavor.  Strawberry Rhubarb was by far the favorite!  Have to find someone on the island to grow us some fresh rhubarb!!!

This week’s question is:  How often do you or someone in your household bake fresh homemade pie???  Stop by our booth to answer or visit our facebook page and leave your comments.

We are excited to see where 2010 takes us at The Right Slice, Kaua’i Fresh Pies…we have BIG pie shop dreams to fulfill!

5 comments for “The Right Slice, Kaua’i Fresh Pies…growing growing growing…

  1. <a href="" class="url" rel="ugc external nofollow">lenore horowitz</a>
    August 14, 2010

    we are going to press with our new kauai underground guide 19th edition–want to feature your fabulous pies. last nite ernie at kalaheo steak and ribs suggested your wonderful lilkoi and loved the delicate (not heavy handed) fruit flavor and tasty light crust. please end me more info about your products?
    I used to make pies–so did my mom and grandmother (people still take about her cherry or apple pies–used to pick the apples myself!)
    anyway, you have a great product. do you have a retail outlet of any kind??
    what are your signature flavors? and how can folks taste your pies when they are on the island?
    take a look at our book–a free download on our website (we are sold out in print edition)

  2. Jan
    March 26, 2011

    My husband and I have been coming from California to Kauai on vacation for the last twenty years and this is the first time we’ve had your pie. I bought your Blueberry Pina Colada pie at the Living Food Market and it’s by far the best pie we’ve ever had. We had it not only for dessert, but also breakfast! I know it’s asking for a miracle, but is there any chance that I could get the recipe since I don’t think we can survive without it until next March when we return! Even a hint on what’s in it would help when I try to make it for my husband. I’m so glad we discovered you!

    Thanks so much,

  3. Jen
    February 16, 2012

    WE LOve your pies!!!!! They’re the best perfect for lunch or to grab on the way home for dinner!!

  4. Cindy Kester
    March 23, 2012

    Aloha Sandy –
    Wanted to share how much I love your amazing delicious pies! I was pleased to discover your stand at the Hanapepe Art Walk and then came to your store in Lihue a few days later! I have tried five different kinds (so far) and am so looking forward to when I return to Kauai in a few months and getting to try your newest creation – Sweet Carrot Pie….I bet it too is super ono!

    Mahalo nui loa for sharing your talents and wonderful inspiration with all of us lucky enough to enjoy your sweet and savory creations!

    Congratulations on your continued success – it is well deserved!
    Cindy Kester – Seattle, WA & Kappa, HI

  5. CindyCindy
    October 11, 2012

    Last April after landing in Kauai, I went to our storage unit and on the way out we saw your store. My mother ALWAYS said to eat at a local place and forget those chain restaurants. So, I HAD TO STOP IN! It was the best thing I ever did! While I was there I think I stopped in 5 out of 7 days. I bought pies to fly home with…. Since the airlines don’t feed you…. I was all set! I’m surprised any made it home. Btw: Rubbermaid makes a container that fits your pies PERFECTLY! I froze them the night before and carried them onboard. Seriously, I’m not a super pie lover, but THE RIGHT SLICE changed that! I’m hooked!

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