Sandy Poehnelt



I am excited to be a new addition to the fine businesses here on Kaua’i…well…not sure I can still say that.  We celebrated our 8 year anniversary in October of 2017!

My name is Sandy. I am the founder of The Right Slice and our head baker. I moved here, to beautiful Kaua’i, in 2009, and seeing an opportunity for a delicious new business I decided to go for it.

See a need, fill a need… isn’t that how the saying goes?!?

At the beginning of October 2009, I opened The Right Slice.

In December of 2009 I shipped my first Mango Lilikoi pie to the mainland… it survived beautifully! Today I ship 14 tropical pie flavors to the mainland, as well as packing pies for airplane carry-ons throughout the week. Yes, you heard right, you can carry your pies on the plane with you! Perfect treat for your dog sitter, cat sitter, house sitter… oh, who are we kidding… for YOU!

Our Hawaiian pies feature a hand rolled butter crust filled to the deep dish rim with LOADS of filling. I am happy to be supporting the local farmers whenever possible and most of our produce comes from area farms and backyard growers.

We also added a new keiki sized pie to our line after just a year in business. We call it a Baby Pie. You can now enjoy The Right Slice pies perfect for 4-6 people!

In 2011 I changed business plans… and opened our first retail location in Lihue. At that time we were doing 6 community events a week! We spent 4 glorious years in the Puhi Industrial park learning a lot about retail baking. In the fall of 2014 we opened our second retail location in Kalaheo. We are super excited about this location and are excited to be a part of a community such as Kalaheo. We also moved our Lihue shop from the industrial park across town to the Harbor Mall. Now we are walking distance from the Kaua’i Marriott and the boat harbor and only 3 minutes from the airport!

I am in the process of looking for both investors and a retail location for a third local tropical pie shop, to be on the North Shore of Kaua’i. In a few years we hope to open a shop on the mainland as well.

Find me at Farmer’s Markets around Kaua’i and almost daily at our shops in Lihue and Kalaheo.

Of course I always offer special orders, so if you have a special occasion coming up… just give a call or e-mail and I can set you up with a delicious handmade pie. You would be surprised at how many Birthday Pie Requests I receive! And what is better than a delicious pie for the holidays?!? I even do Wedding Pies!

And don’t forget those extra special requests. We are adding flavors and variations all the time, but are always willing to try something new. We also offer Gluten Free and No Sugar Added alternatives.

Don’t forget… save Room for the Pie!!!