Tips 'n' Tricks for the Lihue Vending Machines


• When paying with cash, follow the directions on the Main Machine Display.

• When paying with credit card, follow the directions on the Credit Card Display where you swiped your card

•  ignore the main display of $24 or $25… this is just the machine telling itself to allow you to open ANY door up to the $24/$25 amount.  It is NOT charging you that amount.

• the credit card company will put a TEMPORARY hold of $10 on your card until it sees what you are purchasing.  It will then change the $10 to the actual amount.  Just like at the gas station.

• Common Error Code  “Offline”  means your pie selection is not lined up correctly with the doorway and you need to rotate the pie carousel one way or the other, then it will let you open the door

• If you insert a large bill, you will receive all coins back as change, including $1 coins.  No paper money is distributed.  Yup, those are real USA coins!

• If you insert a large bill and change your mind the machine will not return your cash without a purchase of some kind.  It does not function as a change or bill breaking machine.

• If you swipe your card, following the directions & still cannot open the door…

• you are moving too quickly… the machine needs time to communicate with all its parts.  Think about your hotel room key and how you have to wait a few seconds after you swipe it before you can open the door.  Same thing here.

• your card was not approved.  See your credit card company or bank.  Did you notify them you are traveling?

• you waited too long to make a selection; the machine, for your security, cancels the transaction with no charge.

• If the door slips out of your hand and closes, the machine allows you time to re-open the same door without additional charges, just re-open it and grab your pie.

• If the door only opens about an inch or so, you are stronger than you realize.  Let the door slide back closed a short distance to the left, then it will allow you to slide it open all the way to the right.

***Remember… if you have to FORCE anything something is most likely not right.  This should be a smooth transaction for you.

If you are still having challenges, just give us a call and we will be happy to help!  808-212-5798  Tuesday through Saturday 11-6, or leave a message.

Driving Directions


Kalaheo Bakery: Just near the stoplight in Kalaheo (yes, the only stop light in town), look for us on the Mauka (Mountain) side of the highway.  If our small parking lot is full, just park across the road, near the park.  Be careful crossing the highway!!!

Lihue Automated Pie on the Fly: Located in the rear of Harbor Mall. Just 3 minutes from the airport, right across the street from Kauai Marriott.

Waipa Market:  Just a mile north of Hanalei on the mountain side of the road.  Look for all the tents in the field.

Kukuiula Market:  Right at the round-a-bout in the road in Poipu.  Down the entire length of the Kukuiula Shopping Village.  We are located in center court by the live music.  Between Merrimans and the Poipu Dolphin restaurants.

Baking Directions for Pot Pies


Bake pot pies at 375 degrees for 30-45 minutes fresh or 40-60 minutes frozen.  Frozen pot pies should go straight from freezer to hot oven; no defrosting.

Bake family sized pot pies at 400 degrees for 60-75 minutes from refrigerated.

From a serious pie loving customer:  “You can cook your pot pies on the BBQ! Put the unbaked pot pie on the top rack of a low-medium heat for about 30 minutes. Cover crimped edge with foil.”

Who knew!?!  We haven’t tried it, but want to hear your experiences!  This is perfect for visitors staying at the Marriott right across from our Pie on the Fly location with grab n go Take n Bake pie pies, in Lihue at Harbor Mall.