Pie Time

Thanksgiving week was a huge success for us here at The Right Slice!  We were so excited to have such fabulous response to our fresh pies!  Thank you to everyone who ordered!!!  I hope you and your holiday guests savored every delicious bite of our fresh fruit pies!!!

The most popular pies for the season???  Pumpkin, Apple and Mango Passionfruit!

What flavors received rave reviews???  Pumpkin Pecan…the best of both worlds, Chocolate Coconut…an ooey gooey macaroon sort of pie!

The orders kept us busy!  We baked loads of pies and spent many extra hours at the bakery!  Thank you to Anahola Granola Bakery for working with us during the busy holiday season!  It has been a fabulous partnership…be sure to shop by our weekend community events for a sample of their delicious granola!

So…what’s next?!? 

Christmas Holiday Flavors….hmmmm…what to do what to do?!?  I have visions of peppermint, eggnog and cranberry pudding dancing in my head!  Watch later this week for our Christmas 2009 Pie Flavor Additions!!!

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