Thunderstorms in Paradise

What an interesting weekend here on Kaua’i.

We had an amazing light show on Friday night while at the Hanapepe Art Night.  The lightening and thunder were awesome to watch and listen to.  Fortunately for us selling pie on the street, the rain held off until nearly 8:30!

It was a great night…met some wonderful people from all over the world.  We should start a list here on the blog of all the states and countries that we get visitors from!

The Apple Cranberry Pie was a huge success, as was the new Lilikoi Pie!  Rave reviews on both!  Don’t forget…the Apple Cranberry will be one of our special order flavors for the upcoming holidays!  If you plan to order pies for Thanksgiving be SURE to get your order in by next weekend!!!  We will be baking on Monday and Tuesday for Wednesday pick ups!!!

And then today…today we were at the KCC Farmer’s Market. We were there bright and early to set up…and lucky for us, it wasn’t raining when we arrived.  The morning went well..had some nice sales…sold out of Apple Cranberry, Mango Passionfruit, Gluten Free Lime, and more…then the rains came…and went…and came again…then they decided to stay…and WOW…did it RAIN!

It was a great morning…we had fun watching the lightening and hearing the loud cracks of thunder…and watching everyone dash thru the raindrops to get their weekly market shopping done…

As we were packing up, it was pouring…maybe even cats and dogs…no…I think it was more than that…

Almost all packed up, just a couple more items to put in the truck then we could take down the tent…all of a sudden…



…right on my head!  The weight of the rain water brought out tent crashing down!!!  Oh No!!!  What can you do at that point?  Check out my head…make sure there were no gushing wounds…then continue on with the cleanup.  The tent…a total loss…broken pieces everywhere…but on a good note, our neighbor had the same tent, so we sent our broken one home with them…just in case they ever need spare parts!  🙂

Oh well…we had been talking about upgrading…so I think this was a pretty clear sign that it was time to do so!  So we are off to town this week to upgrade to a NEW and IMPROVED tent!

All is well…we made it home…no flooded roads or bridges, and the sun even came out long enough for us to unpack the truck!  That is the great thing about Kaua’i…don’t like the weather?  Just wait a few minutes…it will change!

So we had a few extra pies left over…had to stop at the Kaua’i Humane Society on the way home and drop some off for the staff and volunteers…gotta keep them energized!  🙂

An exciting weekend…full of adventure!  I can’t wait to see what next week will bring!  Certainly new pie flavors if nothing else!  Breadfruit Pie anyone?!?!  And be sure to check out our new tent!

Have a fantastic week!



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