yummy trial runs…

A successful weekend as usual!  Hanapepe Art night  was hoppin’ this week!  We nearly sold out of pie!!!  That’s right!  John and I headed back to the bakery to make more for Saturday morning!  Yup…we went thru Friday’s pies AND most of Saturday’s!!!

We baked our little hearts out and were home in bed by 4 am…made for a long day on Saturday, but it was worth it!

We met some fabulous people on Friday night!  2 more of our pies are headed for the mainland this week!  Hope that is an uneventful trip, Gloria!  🙂  Can’t wait to hear what the kids think of them!!!  It is so exciting to see our pies make it all the way back to the mainland!  Certainly a good sign for our business!  And yes…we are still working on shipping.  Have some manufacturers working on foam inserts, and we will be sending our first pie to the mainland next week.  Watch for details…will it be pie?  or will it be cobbler?  Only the shipping system knows for sure!

We also met a great group of guys on Friday night…hope you enjoyed the Blueberry Ginger pie!  I know you were impressed that I could get it out of the pie pan all in one piece!  It was cool to meet one of the writers for Pushing Daisies…what a small world!  And those of you who missed it…I will for SURE be having Blueberry Ginger pie next Saturday! 

Speaking of next Saturday…you can visit us in two locations!  John will be set up at our Saturday Farmer’s Market Spot at KCC, while I will be venturing out to the National Tropical Botanical Garden for Ohana Day.  We have a great group of women artists setting up, so be sure to come by.  Get your holiday shopping done and have some pie while you are at it!

We added a Chocolate Almond Pie to our line up this past weekend as well…it was a chocolatey ooey gooey pie!  super rich and delicious…we are going to make a few tweaks to that one and you will see it again real soon!

And of course…John is VERY excited to be making a Chocolate Chile Pie next week!  Be sure and stop by to try that one out!  That’s right…spicy chocolate pie!  Who knew! 

Egg nog pie has been a good seller!  Can’t wait to see how many we sell for the holiday!  And of course Cranberry Orange Pecan is certainly going to be popular!

So…be sure to stop by and see us next weekend!  You might be lucky and be able to try one of our new pie flavors featuring Koloa Rum!!!

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