A Very Successful National Pie Day on Kaua’i

Today was a fabulous day to celebrate
National Pie Day on Kaua’i!

We had great weather…the rain held out and the clouds gave us some cover from the heat of the sun.  The breeze kept us cool as we were slinging slices of pie through out the morning.

The Right Slice celebrated in high form today!  We had a very well attended demonstration at 10:30 where we blended and rolled a pie dough and one lucky lady went home with the apple pie we made!  Congratulations!  We had some great Q&A afterwards and all of the attendees took home a pie tip sheet and coupons for future pie slices!

Also Congratulations to our 3 winners who won an entire Tropical Banana Pie to take home!  I hope you are enjoying your yummy fresh baked treats!

Meanwhile, back at the Right Slice booth…my husband, John, was getting MOBBED!  We once again sold out of pie slices…this week before NOON!  Everyone enjoyed their $4 slices in honor of National Pie Day, and we know that next week we need to bake MORE PIE!  🙂  Luckily we have some of the best customers on the island and John had a helper jump back to help him serve pie while I was in the demo!  Thank you so much!!!!

Spicy Apple Pie was a hit again this week…sold out…yummy!  I can’t wait to add in a few more savory pies to our line up!  The gluten free pies and the no sugar added pies also flew off the table!  I am so glad to be able to help out the special dietary needs here on Kaua’i!

Thank you to EVERYONE who participated and celebrated National Pie Day with us at The Right Slice!  I hope to see you again at an event very soon!



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