Thanksgiving Flavors

Here is a partial list of our yummy seasonal flavors for the Thanksgiving holiday…

Pumpkin $25

Pumpkin Crunch $28

Pumpkin Pecan $30

Classic Apple $25

Apple Cranberry $28

Caramel Apple $28

Cranberry Pudding Pie $25  (My all time favorite pie EVER)

Pecan  $30

Rum Pecan (Koloa Rum)  $33

Macadamia Nut  $30

Macadamia Rum  (Koloa Rum)$33

Mango Lilikoi  $30

NEW FLAVOR:  Caramel Apple Pecan  $35  ….this flavor was a HUGE hit at our last Secret Recipe Pie Tasting so we are adding it to our line up.  It is a traditional apple pie with a layer of caramel in the bottom, topped with a pecan crumb topping topped with a caramel layer topped with pecan halves…quote: “like a big gooey candy bar“!

The above prices are for the 9 1/2 inch deep dish pies.  There is an additional $10 per pie for the deposit on the glass baking dish.  This deposit is refundable upon return of the baking dish.

If you choose to rather have your pie baked in a disposable tin you can add $1 to your pie price.  Please note that these pies will be baked in a 10 inch extra deep tin, which is smaller than our glass dishes.

You may also choose to have a smaller pie, or several smaller pies to offer a selection of flavors at your events.

  Try our 8 inch extra deep BABY PIES!  These pies are $15 each, regardless of the flavor.

You may also choose from any of our traditional flavors that we carry on a regular basis.  Check these out on our Flavors page!

Orders must be placed by Sunday, November 21st.  Orders can be picked up at the following locations:

Monday November 22nd.  Kukui Grove Farmer’s Market 3 pm.  

Monday November 22nd. Bakery location, Hanapepe after 5 pm.

Tuesday November 23rd.  Coconut Marketplace 9am-noon.

Tuesday November 23rd.  Waipa Farmer’s Market 2 pm.

Tuesday November 23rd.  Bakery location, Hanapepe after 5 pm.

Wednesday November 24th.  Kukui’ula Culinary Market 4-6 pm.

Wednesday November 24th.  Bakery location, Hanapepe after 4 pm.

Directions to our bakery will be given upon your order placement, as we do not generally sell retail at the bakery.

I hope you and your loved ones have a terrific holiday season!



and Baker Corey and Baker’s Assistant Marla

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