The Right Slice is cutting it’s waste by 75%

Recently we made a bold move here at The Right Slice.  Some have seen it as ‘penny pinching’ others have praised us for it!  Our ‘one slice one fork’movement came on the heals of Kaua’i going to NO PLASTIC BAGS…another great movement…especially from our farmer’s market perspective!

We are now using 100% biodegradable forks…AND we are asking customers to please consider SHARING a fork instead of having 2 or 4 or 6 forks for one slice of pie. 6 forks for one slice…sounds a bit excessive???  We see it more often than you would think!  That is like one bite of pie per fork!  🙂

So, we started asking for 25 cents for any additional forks…crazy, huh?!?  But it is working!  This effort is making people realize the waste that we can create each and every day without even realizing it…or considering it.  Each time a customer offers to share instead of paying the 25 cents…it makes me smile.  It may be a small difference, but it is a difference.

The Right Slice has made this change to mixed reviews…but that is expected.  All change is difficult.

We are, however, SOOOO excited to report that since we started the one slice one fork movement, we have reduced the number of forks that end up in our landfill by 75%  That is HUGE!  Well….it is for a small business such as ours!

We have only ‘sold’ 4 forks in the last 2 weeks!  Isn’t that fantastic?!?!?

Much Mahalos to everyone who has given us feedback and a SPECIAL  mahalos to those who have started bringing their own containers and forks to the market.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated! 

We, at The Right Slice, look forward to making many more baby steps forward such as this one.

Adding the ‘one slice one fork’ movement to our use of biodegradable forks and plates, is in addition to our use of glass baking dishes for our large deep dish pies.  What’s next?  Who knows…but we are always looking for ideas!

Mahalo for your continued support of The Right Slice,Kaua’i Fresh Pies!  Together we can make a difference…even over a slice of pie!


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