The Right Slice is expanding!!!

I am excited to announce, if you don’t already know by following us on Facebook…that The Right Slice, Kaua’i Fresh Pies, will be expanding to a new bakery location in the Puhi Industrial Park this summer!  Watch for us at 1543 Haleukana Street.

That’s right!  A larger space, with room to grow…AND a space to sell retail…so soon you can pick up your pies at our shop!  We plan to open in August…so keep an eye on our Facebook page for details over the next few weeks.

We will also be expanding our product line!  As you may have heard we are now offering a few more pie sizes…menehune pie bites, lotus blossom individual serving pies, and our new Shaka Pie Pops!    In addition, we will be offering pot pies at our retail location in Puhi, on a call ahead basis…so…you call us an hour before your lunch break, and you can swing by and pick up a fresh from the oven pot pie!  What a treat!  And…you can take it back to the office, or sit under our covered lanai and enjoy it there!  We will also be packing pot pies to take home and bake for dinner!

The new space is also conveniently located for our visitors…you can stop in on your way to the airport and grab a fresh pie to take carry on the plane!  We can box them up for you so you are all ready to go!  Just look out, so the flight attendants don’t eat it on you!

Of course, you will still be able to enjoy your sweet slices at our 5 community events and farmer’s markets, as well as our retail locations and restaurants! 

We are so excited to be moving to the next step in our pie journey here on Kaua’i!  Please plan to join us in Puhi for a slice….or pick up some pot pies to take home for dinner!  Details coming soon!

And…if you are looking for an investment….we are looking for investors to make this transition a bit more smooth.  If interested, email Sandy at  She can share more details with you.

1 comment for “The Right Slice is expanding!!!

  1. Karen Vargas
    July 14, 2011


    While vacationing in Hawaii I had the fortunate pleasure of having a slice of your delicious pies I am now back home and craving them and realized you may possibly be able to ship me one. That’s great!!!! I had a pice of coconut pie which i dont see listed above. Can you first tell me if you would be able to ship to New Jersey and secondly if so do you still make the coconut pie? I believe it was coconut it was kept in the cooler :0)

    Thank you so much (Mahalo)


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