November 1 at The Right Slice, Kaua’i Fresh Pies

Can you believe it is November already?!?!  Where has 2012 gone?

While it has been a busy year for us here at The Right Slice, we are excited to be coming up on our busy holiday season.

We wanted to be sure to let everyone know our special order schedules for the upcoming holidays.

Thanksgiving will be chaos…which we love!  We are expecting to have to turn away orders this year…so please…place your orders by Friday, November 16th for guaranteed Thanksgiving pies.  If we have room in our schedule we will accept orders thru Monday, November 19th at noon.  We are also planning to bake extra pies for last minute pick ups on Wednesday, November 24th.

Pick up for Thanksgiving will be Tuesday and Wednesday, November 20 & 21.  We will be closed on Thanksgiving day so that our bakers can enjoy some much earned family time!


Christmas will also be here before we know it.  Last year was our busiest Christmas holiday season yet!  We are expecting the same this year so please plan ahead!

We will be accepting pie orders for Christmas thru Saturday, December 22nd at 6 pm.  Pick ups will be Sunday and Monday, December 23 & 24.  We will close early on the 24th, at 4 pm, so plan your pick ups accordingly.  We will also be closed on Tuesday, December 25th for our bakers to have some family time!

As always we have a 24 hour special order policy, so plan that into your schedules.  We will do everything we can to fill all of our pie lovers’ orders for this holiday season!

New Year’s Eve we will be closing at 2 pm, so if you plan to pick up pies for your New Year’s celebrations, plan to be to the bakery by 2!  We will also be closed on New Year’s Day.

Shipping Pies to the mainland or interisland this holiday season?  Here is our shipping schedule:

November 16:  Last Day to order mainland pies for Thanksgiving (delivery Nov 21)

November 18:  Last Day to order interisland pies for Thanksgiving (delivery Nov 21)

December 16:  LAst Day to order mainland pies for Christmas (delivery up to Dec 21)

December 18: Last Day to order interisland pies for Christmas (delivery Dec 21)



 Special Lihue Bakery hours for the holidays:

Closed on Thanksgiving Day

Close at 4 pm Christmas Eve

Closed Christmas Day

Closed at 2 pm New Year’s Eve

Closed New Year’s Day



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