The pie shop now has….CAKE?!?!?

We are now baking fresh angelfood cakes, available Saturday through Monday in our Kalaheo shop!  Only while supplies last.  Cake you ask?!?  In the pie shop?!?  What’s up with that?  We would be happy to answer that for you!

Each week we use dozens of egg yolks in our pie fillings…and we always have loads of egg whites left over that get thrown in the trash.  This was an issue for Baker Sandy…she didn’t want to see that waste, so we have been working on ideas to use those egg whites up!  Angelfood cake is perfect!  We cram a dozen egg whites into each delicious light and fluffy cake!

On a side note…we also make our Sunday Brunch quiches with half whole eggs and half whites…so less cholesterol there too!  See…we are looking out for you.

Angelfood cake is a light and airy cake with No Cholesterol, No Saturated Fat and less than 100 calories per serving!  This is an ideal treat for those of you watching your calories and your sugar intake!

And I bet you didn’t know, this is Baker Sandy’s Grandma’s recipe…top secret, all the way from Wisconsin…and you know those Wisconsin Grandmas know their way around a kitchen!  We are a pie shop at heart, so you know if we are gonna bring in a cake, it must be good.  This is the only cake you will see on our menu…so be sure to stop in and give it a try.

Angelfood Cake is ideal topped with fresh island fruit and a dollop of whipped cream.  Or, how about drizzled with rich dark chocolate and caramel sauce, topped with roasted macadamia nuts and served with your favorite local made ice cream!?!

We sell our angelfood cakes in half cakes or whole.  You can get 12-16 servings from a whole cake and the cakes freeze incredibly well.  Cut your cake into slices and freeze them individually wrapped.  They will defrost in just 30 minutes on the counter, so are the perfect dessert for that drop in visitor at dinner time, or great with afternoon tea!  This is perfect if you don’t need an entire cake today…you will have leftovers for next time!

Have a celebration?!?  Yes!  You can order Angelfood cake as a special request, but ONLY on Saturday and Sunday

Any way you choose, Angelfood cake is a winner.  To create your own favorite, start right here at The Right Slice Kalaheo, Kauai.

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