Thanksgiving Pies from The Right Slice

Two weeks from today is the deadline for ordering your Thanksgiving Pies here on Kaua’i.  Saturday, November 19th, 6 pm.


First off, how the heck did that happen?!?  Does anyone know where the summer went???  If you find mine, I would like it back!

But…that’s a whole other story!

So…we know exactly what will happen in 2 weeks and 2 days…we will have 24 phone messages with late pie orders, and we will field 37 phone calls per day of pleadings for Thanksgiving pies.  And then we will have 16 sneaky customers try to put in an online order after our deadline.

If you are one who learned the hard way last year, GET YOUR ORDERS IN ON TIME!  You know who you are.  😉


This year you can pick up an order form at either store or at our farmer’s markets.  Just fill it out and return it with your payment.  Then all you have to do is show up on Thanksgiving Eve for your fresh from the oven pies.  It’s that easy!

This is our first year offering order forms for your use and we are hoping it will make your ordering even easier!

Of course we will have the classics:  Pumpkin, Apple, Cranberry Walnut Pudding (OMG…I drool a little just thinking about that one); but we will also have lots of fun flavors:  Pumpkin Haupia, Pumpkin Crunch, Apple Cranberry, Caramel Apple Pecan and more.  And of course, your tropical favorites, Mango Lilikoi, Blueberry Pina Colada and Lilikoi Cheesecake.

So, stop in, fill out your order form and mark one thing off of your holiday to do list!

Pick ups for Thanksgiving will be:  Wednesday, November 23rd

  • Harbor Mall Shop, Lihue 11-4
  • Kalaheo Bakery 11-6
  • Kukuiula Culinary Market 3:30-6

Saturday, November 19th at 6pm (HST) is your last chance to order!

Did you miss the deadline?  Do you know you will miss the deadline?  Yeah, I am a procrastinator as well.  No worries, we gotcha covered!  We will have LOADS of extra pies at each location, but be warned…We SELL OUT, so come early and get in line!


Are you craving a TRS pie? …but sadly, your holiday has ended and you are back on the mainland?  Have no fear!  Place your orders for shipping ASAP!  Last recommended day for online shipped pie orders will be Monday, November 14th.

We are recommending you take delivery of your pies the week before Thanksgiving, in case of any UPS snafus, just keep it in the freezer until Thanksgiving Eve, then defrost.  We will certainly ship your pies on Monday, November 21st, but if there is any transportation issue, there is NOTHING we can do to resolve it and still get you a pie by Turkey Day!


I know that is a lot of information to absorb, just sit back, put your feet up, dig into your favorite TRS pot pie and soak it all in, or better yet, give us a call right now and we can take your Thanksgiving pie order over the phone.  808.212.8320

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