Thanksgiving Pies served with Aloha from The Right Slice Pie Shop

One week and 6 hours left to order your Thanksgiving pies!  Will you be visiting Kauai for the holidays?  Or are you one of the lucky ones to call Kaua’i home?

Have you ordered yet?  I know who you are….procrastinators…ok, well, so am I…but come on!  This is PIE we are talking about here!  Don’t delay and get stuck eating PREFAB pies on Thanksgiving!

Stop by either shop and place your order with our NEW Thanksgiving order forms or order on our website!


Having a house full over this year for the holidays?!?  Consider ordering one of our FAMILY Sized pot pies for brunch or dinner.  Something easy for the day after Thanksgiving, or a light brunch before your big Thanksgiving meal.  Our family sized pot pies are 6-8 servings and bake up to a beautiful flaky golden brown.  We will even put it in one of our fabulous glass baking dishes so that you can totally take credit for the bakery masterpiece, really, we don’t mind at all!

Check em out on our Savory Pie page, but please note, you MUST order these beauties over the phone or in person at one of our retail shops!  No online orders for Savory pies at this time…not yet anyhow.


And of course, you don’t want to forget our owner’s favorite…Cranberry Walnut Pudding!  So ono!



Ok…off to make more pies!  Just thought I would give you one more reminder!

See you in the Turkey Day line…and for those of you who will inevitably forget to order…it’s ok, we will make extras!

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