Mele Kalikimaka and Happy Holidays from The Right Slice

Happy Holidays from The Right Slice.

First order of business is a HUGE mahalo for your Thanksgiving orders.  We worked around the clock, for the first time this Thanksgiving to make sure we had enough pies for all of our locals, Hawaiian visitors and those last minute drop ins.

It was also the first year we opened both stores for a few hours on Thanksgiving morning.  We will let you know next fall if we decide to do the same next Pie Season.  We are reluctant to take our staff away from their families on the holidays, so we will see if we have any volunteers next year.


Now, on to the next Holiday…for us that will be the big Christmas rush.  We will accept orders now through Monday, December 19th.  At that time we will stand the hard line and say no more orders.  You know the drill…first come first served after that!  Please, no sad puppy faces in the window begging for pie orders.  We saw a few of those over Thanksgiving….we will hold firm…tough pie ladies around here!


The Right Slice will be open our normal hours on Christmas week, with the exception that we will close both of our pie shops at 4 pm on Saturday, December 24th for Christmas Eve.

Special orders can be placed on our website, or you can stop in to place an order in person at either shop or at the farmers markets.  We will have freshly minted Holiday pie order forms starting next week.

Remember, we recommend shipping your Christmas pies the week of December 12th, to ensure prompt delivery via UPS.  If you plan to share the joy and ono-lishiousness of The Right Slice pies with your family and friends, get those orders in next week!


We also have one more big change that will begin shortly after the holiday season.  Are you ready for it?  Maybe you should sit down…

Effective, January 1st, 2017 we will no longer be offering a cash reward (refund) on our glass pie plates.  Instead we will be offering a $10 in store pie credit.  You can choose to use it that day or exchange it at a later time with one of our handy pie credit chips.  Ask your local pie lady or pie angel for more details on these fun pie chips.

So..that means the 1300 of you out there on Kaua’i that have been holding onto our pie plates for dear life; you have 30 days to get them back into our hot little pie baking hands for cash.  After December you will receive pie credit instead…which in my opinion is even more valuable!  That’s like FREE PIE!

There are several reasons that we have made this change, I won’t bore you with the (pie) crumby details, but I will say that we have over 1300 pie plates running loose on the island of Kaua’i, and we have, unfortunately, had a rash of pie pan abuses in recent months.  This has lead us to make the pie chip store credit change.

So, when you order your Christmas pie, be sure you get those pie plates back by December 31st to get your $10 refund.  January first that $10 will magically change into free pie!

Have a safe holiday season.  Enjoy your family and friends.  And we will drop some not so subtle hints on Christmas order deadlines as they approach.

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