Brunch is Back Baby!

We are excited to announce that last week we snuck in Brunch!

Woo hoo.  we are so excited to be able to bring brunch back that we have decided to offer it 7 days a week!

Now when you are on your way to work you can swing by Monday through Friday starting at 8:30 and grab a fresh baked slice of quiche or handmade biscuits and your choice of two flavors of gravy!

We have had a ton of requests for brunch after we tested it out a couple of years back and we are happy to report we are fully staffed and can now begin brunching!

Every day we will have a fresh quiche in both a meat eaters option and a veggie option.  You can purchase the entire 4 serving quiche or just a slice.  Can’t decide?  Get a half half!

In addition we have also started our small batch biscuits each morning throughout the morning to keep them flaky and tender.  You can get plain biscuits to have with local honey or jams or you can get them smothered with your favorite gravy.

Each day we will have a gravy featuring local Kauai grown beef or a gravy loaded with bacon and Italian sausage!

Remember Brunch is daily, Monday through Friday 8:30 until we run out, usually about noonish and Saturday and Sunday beginning at 10 am!

See you in the Brunch Line!

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