The Right Slice pan deposits

If you have ever purchased a beautiful deep dish pie from us here at The Right Slice, you know we ask you to pay for the glass pie pan it comes in, and then we reimburse you when you return the pan to us!

This policy has worked well for us for over 10 years, but in the current season of change we find ourselves in, we are taking this opportunity to update some of our policies.

What does this mean for you?  Well, first I will tell you that there are over 2000 glass pie pans floating around Kauai….well, I guess not probably floating…as they are glass…but anyhow…hiding in condo cabinets, forgotten in the Thanksgiving Day decorations tote, or just in the backseat of your car, because you always forget to bring it inside when you come grab more pie!

Regardless of where you have your TRS pans stashed, bring them in!  We have posted wanted posters over the years and have been able to wrangle up a few of these pans…but now, our policy is about to change.

So, you have from now until May 30 to return your pans to the Kalaheo location before the changes take effect.  And what are those changes, you ask?!?!

Effective June 1, 2020 we will no longer be offering cash back for your glass pie dish, but instead a pie credit worth the same $10.  Now, we know from years and years of experience that you rarely take the cash, that you almost always eat the pie…so why not take one more difficult decision off of your shoulders?!?

So, starting June 1, 2020, pie credit is what you get…so start digging, search out that stash of pie pans in your cupboard and bring them in before the cold hard cash deposits end on May 30, 2020!

Watch for more exciting changes in the next few weeks!  As you may know we accepted the government’s PPP loan, for good bad or otherwise, so we have three weeks left to get some things done around here before we likely have to cut our staff yet again.

Unfortunately, since our visitor industry is not yet open, we are unable to maintain the amount of staff we usually have.  Don’t get me wrong!  We have had tremendous support from both our long distance pie fans and our local pie lovers in the past few months, but it just isn’t enough to support 12 bakers, dough makers and shopkeepers, we have wandering about some days…so as we work to build up our business to that fantastic, job creating level, once again, we will be running on fewer bodies, so we need to make some efficiency decisions!

Those of you fortunate enough to live here, have probably spotted a couple of changes happening in our shop…even though it is closed to the public right now, and just our little pick up window is open…we are looking so forward to the day we can invite you inside for a slice and a cuppa!

A hui hou!

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