The Right Slice T-shirts are going, going, nearly gone!

I am humbled every day, when I come to work and talk with customers either in person, on the phone or via email and they express their support and share their strength with me in these crazy times we live in.  I cannot thank you all enough for helping my little pie shop through this global pandemic.

Who would ever be able to plan for such a thing?!?  I know it has been drilled into us to have enough savings for 3 months, but three months is nothing!  Three months is already past for us here on Kauai, and many around the world…and we are still waiting for guidance from our government leaders on when we can start getting back to whatever the new normal might be.  Lucky we had our community supporting us so far!

I was raised to be responsible, stand up for yourself, and that you put into something what you want to get out of it.  You know…that mid west work ethic and that Golden Rule.

One of the personal struggles I have had this past few months is not being in charge of my own destiny.  It has been a great challenge to me to ask for help, to accept help, and to think outside of the box making the difficult changes needed to move forward, while at the same time trying to stay within the realm of why I created this little pie shop.

But, we are doing it.  Together.  You and me.  My staff and me.  My community and me.  I was sitting at the beach last night with some friends, and I commented on one of the keiki, and how he used to be so shy and quiet and could hardly tell me that he would like a slice of pumpkin pie when he came up to the pie booth.  And I think in that moment it really finally struck me…this is my community.  And no, he’s not that shy little boy I remember!

Yes, I have lived here for over 10 years, but in island time that is nothing.  Yes, this is my home.  This is my community.  I am proud of it’s people and how we have banded together to support each other and figure this thing out.  Together.

And to all of you, my extended community.  My pie community.  My pie family.  You have been here for me each and every day.  I thank you, from the bottom of my heart.  Thank you!

Today I didn’t start out this post to share all of that…I guess I needed to get it out.  But here we go…

If you have not gotten one of the limited edition The Right Slice pie T-shirts from our partners at Give Kauai Hope…now is your chance!  The shirts are $25 each and $10 from each shirt goes directly to the Kauai small business you are choosing to support.  Pretty awesome of CG Custom Prints to think of this great way to support Kauai small businesses!

And we also added this amazing teal colored women’s tank top…I may have ordered two of those beauties!

Give Kauai Hope has donated over $50,000 to local Kauai small businesses already!  Isn’t that amazing?

Last week we changed up our design and are thrilled to be offering a new color design on a white T-shirt!  So fun!  But, it will only be around until the end of June!  so get on it and get yours ordered!  I ordered mine!

And as always, stay safe, support your local small businesses whoever they may be and

A hui hou!


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  1. Eleanor Snyder
    June 26, 2020

    Dear Sandy. Your creativity and spirit of aloha constantly impress me. My friends and I hope and pray that the Right Slice survives this turmoil. You are certainly doing everything you can. Our very best wishes to you and your employees.



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