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The Pie Struggle is real…

Ok, so maybe that isn’t quite how the saying goes, but it seems appropriate for today.

Today I start the end of month financials…the least fun part of my job.  Well, not surprisingly, its an ugly site.  But, we are still here and still keeping our people working, that is further than many local small businesses have been able to go the past year.  We are proud of that and take your support of us so much to heart!

A year.  It is hard to believe we have been in this pandemic for a year now.  A year’s worth of pie and change.

I always think a picture is worth a thousand words…so here are a couple of doosies from my morning paperwork…

2021, it continues
Better than 6 months ago, worse than we want to see…

I find it interesting that in the last couple of weeks some of Kauai’s small businesses have started to band together to try to be heard by our Kauai leadership.  Honestly, I am surprised it took this long.  I have been trying to get answers for months, to no avail.  I attended one of these gatherings, to see what these businesses had to say, and if they were organized enough to get results.  The verdict is still out on that one…

But, we do what we can, and I need to focus on keeping my people working and paying the bills.  You can see from our financial photos above, it is a struggle.  A big chunk of our January income was a grant we earned from the Hawaii Chamber of Commerce.  Unfortunately, if I remove those grant funds it leaves us in the red this year to date.

We are working on some changes and ways to pivot our business to survive this catastrophe.  I have eluded to a few in past blog posts.  We just had two deliveries to the bakery this week from local Kauai businesses whom we partner with to bring you all the goods in one spot!  Anahola Granola, who we have loved for 11+ years and a new partner, Kauai Sweet Shoppe.  We are so excited to offer their products here in our shop.  Very soon you will be able to order local made Kauai products on our website, similar to these companies.  This is great if you want to send a little gift of aloha to a friend or maybe you need a little tropical pick me up for yourself!  Watch for the announcement very soon!

These items will be shipped via USPS flat rate boxes, so that we can ship even without the UPS 2 day air.

In addition, we are excited to be adding two pie classes to our website.  You will be able to purchase these two pie making videos directly from our site and improve your pie baking skills!  We were having so much fun doing small in person classes pre-covid and have had lots of requests…so we are almost there!

Another thing we will be adding to the website very soon is a bake your own Mango Lilikoi Pie box!  This box will include all of the ingredients you need to duplicate our signature Mango Lilikoi Pie at home!  We are very excited about this project and thrilled to partner with Aunty Lilikoi to bring you an exclusive mango lilikoi juice blend for your pie!

So have no fear, this pandemic may have had us down for a while, but we are pivoting and powering through, until we can share our pies with you again!

Stay safe and A hui hou!


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  1. David B Vandervoet
    October 8, 2021

    I live in California and have been eating The Right Slice pies for years when I come to Kauai. My favorite is the one that I am eating at the time. I am so pleased to see The Right Slice survived the COVID business issues on Kauai but they survived because they have an amazing product and creative leader (Baker Sandy) and team. I miss buying their pies at North Shore Farmers Markets but I know that they will return as the business rebounds.

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