Pie Changes Coming for 2024

Are you making your New Year’s Resolutions already?  It is hard to believe that Christmas is less than a week away!   Our pie elves have been hard at it preparing for a busy holiday week.

One of our passions here at The Right Slice has been to keep our waste to as little as possible.  We do this by offering real plates and forks when you dine in, instead of wasting a to go container.  We only offer one fork for to go orders, and now they are madeof wood!   We also achieve this goal by charging extra fees for pastry boxes.  It is a great study in need vs want when our customers ask for a pastry box, then we let them know it will be an additional small charge…suddenly that box is no longer necessary.  Don’t get us wrong, there is a time and place for pastry boxes…gift giving, special occasions….but just to take it to the beach and dive in?  No need.  No longer offering plastic or paper bags is another way we have not only reduced our waste, but also our overhead.  Reusable shopping bags are the way to go!

Another way we have reduced our waste since our first day in business back in October of 2009, is by using glass pie pans for our pies instead of disposable.  We have been using the large glass baking pans for so long, we can’t imagine any other way.  But, as we grew, customers asked for other size of pies, so we created our 8 inch baby pies which are half the size of our large pies.  These are baked in a recyclable aluminum pan.  A few years ago we added in another size, our Medium pies.  These come in a 10 inch aluminum pan which is also recyclable.

Our current dilemma comes from our glass pans.  Unfortunately the pans we have been using since 2009 seem to no longer be manufactured to the standards they once were.  This is casusing safety concerns with the pans in our kitchen.  Fortunately the pans we have had on hand for a few years are still working just fine, and have caused us no problems.  What this means, is that going forward, we will no longer be doing business with that company, as they are not standing behind their products nor taking the concerns we have seriously.  We value the relationships of our customers just as much as we do with our vendors.  This is why we more often than not choose to do business with local companies instead of large mainland corporations.

What does this mean for you?  What is means is that if you are holding onto a stack of our current glass pie pans, we need those back.  This Christmas is the last holiday we will be offering large pies for order in the glass dishes.  After 2023 we will only offer pies in the Baby Size or the Medium Size recyclable aluminum pans.

For the safety of our staff, and the quality of our product, we want to make the best choices we can.  So, we are letting you know now, that you have 3 months to get those pans back to us.  We will continue to give our customers their $10 glass pan deposit in store credit through March 31st, 2024.  After that, we will no longer accept the glass pans back into the bakery.  So, you know who you are….those of you who come in twice a year with a stack of pie pans 8 tall.  Check your cupboards, check your pantry, and get those glass pie dishes returned!

We hope you have enjoyed the fun changes we made in 2023, the new line of edible cookie dough, the new pumpkin crunch bars and Lilikoi shortbread bars, the partnerships with local companies, like Scuba Tom and his amazing wooden puzzles, the handmade fabric items like Honus and reversible shoulder bags made by Baker Sandy’s Mom, and the exciting new childrens activity books written and printed locally, teaching Aloha.

2024 is going to be a bright year, we are excited to see where things take us and to partner with our customers by hearing your requests.

Happy Holidays!


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