Rich and Gooey Pies

Temporary Change of Pie Hours for July 2020

We have been keeping a close eye on our sales trends these last few months, and especially the past 4 weeks.
In light of yesterday’s announcement that the mandatory 14 day quarantine for Hawaii visitors will be staying in place indefinitely, with the option of a negative results Covid-19 test, to bypass that quarantine beginning August 1, 2020; we will be adjusting our pie shop hours yet again.
Being that some Kauai residents are back to work, we have seen …

The Right Slice T-shirts are going, going, nearly gone!

I am humbled every day, when I come to work and talk with customers either in person, on the phone or via email and they express their support and share their strength with me in these crazy times we live in.  I cannot thank you all enough for helping my little pie shop through this global pandemic.
Who would ever be able to plan for such a thing?!?  I know it has been drilled into us to have enough savings …

The Right Slice limited edition T-shirts

Did you get your red dirt colored The Right Slice T-shirt over the past couple of months?
We are excited to again partner with CG Custom Prints in a brand new T-shirt design AND a cool teal colored women’s Tank Top!
Check out the site at to see the new designs for not only our bakery but also many other small businesses around Kauai!  Each shirt purchase donates $10 to your selected business AND you are supporting another small …