Thanksgiving Flavors

Here is a partial list of our yummy seasonal flavors for the Thanksgiving holiday…
Pumpkin $25
Pumpkin Crunch $28
Pumpkin Pecan $30
Classic Apple $25
Apple Cranberry $28
Caramel Apple $28
Cranberry Pudding Pie $25  (My all time favorite pie EVER)
Pecan  $30
Rum Pecan (Koloa Rum)  $33
Macadamia Nut  $30
Macadamia Rum  (Koloa Rum)$33
Mango Lilikoi  $30
NEW FLAVOR:  Caramel Apple Pecan  $35  ….this flavor was a HUGE hit at our last Secret Recipe Pie Tasting so we are …

Thanksgiving Kaua’i Pie Orders

I am so excited for the HUGE response you have all given The Right Slice, Kaua’i Fresh Pies for this holiday season! 
I will be spending the day at the bakery today…getting all of your delicious Thanksgiving pies baked and ready for you to pick up tomorrow!  What are the top fresh pie flavors for this Thanksgiving holiday season?
Apple and Pumpkin are tied for first place, with Mango Passionfruit and Pumpkin Crunch tied for 3rd and 4th!  I can’t …