The Right Slice Pie Tasting a HUGE success

Sunday, September 5th, 2010….what happened that day, you ask??? 

The Right Slice, Kaua’i Fresh Pies held their first of many to come, Secret Recipe Pie Tastings!!!

That’s right!  5 lucky guests joined Baker Corey and I for a morning of fun, laughter, and FRESH BAKED PIES!  Yum Yum!!!

Check out some of the fun:



In between the laughter and talking story we enjoyed 9 new pie flavors…wondering what they were??

We tested out these 9 flavors….and surprisingly everyone had their own unique favorite!  See…..we do need outside opinions! 

Caramel Mac Toasted!Soursop Sunset SoursopBlack Grape Pie

 I can’ t wait until our next Pie Tasting in November!  Watch our Facebook and Blog for upcoming details!

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