The Right Slice Pie Shipping Updates…

We are still working on perfecting our shipping procedures….but I do have some exciting updates!

WE have found a great packaging system that protects the pies from shipping damages as well as keeping it cool on it’s long plane ride to the mainland!

Also, the UPS store in Lihue has put together a great price for us!  We can not ship pies to the mainland US for only $77!!!   Woo Hoo!!!   That is down from our previous price of $100!  Yippee!  Now it is even more affordable to share Kaua’i Fresh Pies with your family and loved ones on the mainland!

And don’t forget… can always carry pies on the plane with you when you leave!  Just call ahead and order, we will box them up for you for only an extra $1…ready to go!  If you plan to stop at one of our Farmer’s Market locations, simply call the day or 2 before and we can bring a box along for you! 

We are also having several of our pies tested for shelf life at a Hawaii lab….so we are hoping to be able to offer even more flavors for shipping soon!


Sandy and The Right Slice team

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