Thanksgiving Pies on Kaua’i…

You know the holiday pie hours…now it’s time to think about your flavors.

Only 6 days left to place your Thanksgiving pie orders!  Saturday, November 21st is the deadline!

Wondering what to try?  Here are a few traditional holiday favorites:


-Pumpkin Crunch…complete with a sweet salty crunchy topping

-Pumpkin Haupia…grandma’s pumpkin pie topped with a local favorite…smooth coconut (haupia)

-Cranberry Walnut Pudding…like a coffee cake in a pie shell!  Perfect topped with Whipped Cream!  The owners all time favorite recipe.  She’s been making this one since she was a kid!

-Macadamia Nut…mmmm…just like pecan, only local…more buttery and lighter!

-Pecan…if you must…traditional  ooey gooey

-Pumpkin Pecan…can’t decide?  Try both.  Bottom half Pumpkin, top half pecan.  Best of both worlds.

-Classic Apple…need I say more?

-Apple Cranberry….just the right amount of tang!

-Dutch Apple….mmm…creamy sauce tucked under a crumb topping!


What do you think?  Is that enough pie flavors for one holiday?  Of course not!  The Right Slice is also offering up our over 50 tropical pie flavors…just scope em out here on our site.


Remember to order on line or call us by Saturday!  Don’t miss out on your favorite!



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