Baker Sandy is a busy business woman…when she’s not baking pies!

What a busy time of year!  And then we see this morning that Baker Sandy has been busy behind the scenes as well!

Earlier this week, Baker Sandy was invited to Oahu to appear on Business in Hawaii with Reg Baker.  A live interview!  I bet that was a little nerve racking!

Check it out here:  Business in Hawaii with Reg Baker

45 minutes may be a bit much for those of you who just love to eat pie, but if you ever wondered about doing business in Hawaii, this is a great inside peek!

Then on top of that we just got the exciting news this morning that Baker Sandy has been nominated for being a Hawaii Business Woman on the Move!  Pretty cool!?!  Much Mahalos for the nomination!  We know that Baker Sandy is humbled by the gesture!  Here’s a little peek at the mention:  PBN  I wonder why the title says People on the Move in Honolulu…hope they remember we have some hopping businesses here on Kaua’i as well!  😉

Since I have your attention…here’s one last chance:

TODAY is the last day to place your Christmas pie orders.  We know what happens…tomorrow you call with a sad sad story…and you know what happens.  We have to add you to the masses that will be stampeding our doors on Christmas Eve morning looking for one of our many extra pies!  Don’t forget!  Save your self the stress!  Order here on our website, or give us a call at either store!  808-212-8320 Lihue, 808-212-5798 Kalaheo

1 comment for “Baker Sandy is a busy business woman…when she’s not baking pies!

  1. Lea
    February 6, 2016

    Aloha Sandy. Congratulations on your accomplishments and so good to see how The Right Slice has grown!
    I am a devout pieaholic .. My Grandmother was the most amazing pie baker ever and she was totally blind. many of our long time favorites were originally ‘mistakes’ that somehow just ended up ‘working’.
    This year (from Dec to now) I’ve been so disappointed with the ‘crust’ in several of the ‘slices’ I’ve had – either st Kukuiula or Hanapepe. They have been extremely hard. To where you could not go through the crust with the fork. Yes, primarily in the crime pies but also the others with the top crust ring being brittle hard. I’m always thrilled to enjoy a ‘Slice’ so just wanted to pass on this thought.
    Mahalo nui loa.

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