The Right Slice Kalaheo, Kaua’i, Hawai’i is OPEN!

After 2 turned 6 long weeks of construction, we are excited to announce that our Kalaheo pie shop is open to the public again!  We ran into a few bumps along the way, but that is to be expected in any old building!  We replaced some old leaky windows and gave the shop a fresh coat of paint…so much better than that battered old blue!  And some of you who have been on Kauai may know, the building actually started off green years ago, so we have brought it full circle.


Our current hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 11-6.  Watch for updates on our hours as we hire and train just the right staff for the shop.

We can’t wait to hear what you think of the fun new exterior look and colors as well as the great additions inside the shop.

The exterior remodeling is complete, with fun bright colors and a newly remodeled overhang.
The exterior remodeling is complete, with fun bright colors and a newly remodeled overhang.

We have added a few new items to our lineup here at The Right Slice Kalaheo.  First you can now grab a large frozen pie from our pie shop any day…we will stock 3-6 flavors a day, these pies will retail for $29 and will serve 8-10 guests.  This is great for those who want a pie for a few days from now, or those of you looking for an Omiyage to take interisland!  These pies are baked fresh and then frozen the same day.  They are then sealed and boxed and just waiting in the freezer for you to enjoy!  What a great idea!  Grab a couple and pop em in the freezer for those surprise drop in guests.  Just pull it out, defrost and enjoy!  These are also great to carry on to the mainland, just pop in an insulated carry on bag and surprise your mainland friends with fresh Kaua’i Pies!

We are also excited to be supporting another Hawai’i business, Bubbie’s Mochi Ice Cream from Oahu!  We now carry Bubbie’s mochi ice cream packs in both of our stores.  The Right Slice Harbor Mall and The Right Slice Kalaheo.  If you haven’t had mochi ice cream before, you don’t know what you are missing!  It’s almost as good as homemade pie!  😉

Watch for some fun new items in the coming weeks…we will be sure to keep you updated on facebook, so you don’t miss a beat!

Stop by, and share a pic of yourself and your pie in front of our fabulous new shop!!!  Instagram and Instagram …and keep an eye for a very special update to the west side of our shop…ooooohhhhh….I love surprises!

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