Pi Day 2017 at The Right Slice, Kaua’i Hawaii

Pi Day is nearly upon us.  You know what that means!  Fun Pi Specials here at the Pie Shop in Kalaheo!

We have a lot going on at our Kalaheo full service location for Pi Day on Tuesday, March 14th.  Stop in and play our Pi Day Challenge and take advantage of lots of Pi(e) specials!

Tuesday only; you can get 3 menehune pi(e) bites for $3.14.  There is no limit on this Pi(e) Day deal….so load up and share with your math classmates for a Pi(e) Day treat, or surprise your kids with a school treat for their whole class.

Or grab an Ohana Pack for Dinner and save $3.14 on your already reduced price!  This includes 4 pot pies and a baby pie for dessert.  Add on some local Kai Lani Farms greens & homemade salad dressing for a complete meal in one stop.  Pie for dinner on Pi Day!  What could be better?!?

And for you math enthusiasts, we want to know…how much of the Pi number can you recite?  The person who stops in Tuesday in Kalaheo and can recite the most of Pi correctly will win a FREE Baby Pie, 4-6 servings of your choice!  3.14….  how much do you remember?

We are busy gearing up for Pi(e) Day…hope to see you at the shop!

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