#SliceDevice pie contest from The Right Slice, Kauai Fresh Pies

We are so happy that you all seem to be loving the convenience of the new #slicedevice s at our new Pie on the Fly automated locations.

We won’t kid you…this was a risky endeavor, but we are so happy we did it.  It seems that Kauai really is ready for some GREAT food out of a vending machine!

For the past 6 weeks our Lihue, Harbor Mall pie location has been open 7 days a week, with new extended hours.  Monday through Saturday 10-7, and Sunday 9-5.  Very soon these hours will be extended even further to 7 days a week from 6 am through 10 pm.  How’s that sound?!?!

Every morning we fill those machines up with fresh baked pies.  As they get more popular, we will fill them multiple times a day, just to fill your pie cravings!

You will be able to fill those fresh baked pie cravings nearly any time of the day!  Enjoying a nice meal at Harbor Mall?  Swing by afterwards for dessert.  Had a stressful day at work and don’t feel like cooking?  Swing by the Pie on the Fly location for some take n bake pot pies!  Headed to the airport to visit friends and family, swing by Harbor Mall and our Slice devices for a couple of whole pies to take with you!

We wanted this new automated Pie on the Fly location to be as convenient as possible for you, our pie loving fans.  I know, not everyone is happy with the changes, but having SliceDevices serve you is better than no pie at all, right?!!?  And of course, you can always visit Baker Rhonda in Kalaheo at the full service bakery.

But back to what I was getting at…with the more convenient hours coming soon, we plan to partner with some of our favorite Kauai made items and offer you an even wider selection of goodies from our automated shop!  Maybe some cookies, granola, jams and jellies?  How about poi or kulolo?  Maybe even Kim chee?!?  The possibilities are endless!  We would love for this to be your go to stop in Lihue for Omiyage or just a local made treat for home.  We will update you as these new partnerships progress!

In the meantime I would like to address a few of the concerns you have shared.  Thank goodness you did, because it shows that we are all on the same page…we had the same reservations!  First, no baked pot pies…I know…this is a big bummer…but we are working on it.  Second, no special order pick up…yeah, that one does suck…but we are working on it.  Finally, no frozen pies…yeah…that one bites too.  And, you guessed it, we are working on it.

Here’s what happened…we had to start somewhere, and that was with our 2 new Slice Devices.  If they were a complete flop, we would have stopped there and regrouped.  Lucky for us, they have been a hit!  What that did is allow us to reorganize our staff…and actually they are getting MORE hours than they were before when we had the Harbor Mall location staffed.  How about a big WooHoo for our awesome staff?!?!  Come on, lemme hear it?  …go ahead, you won’t wake the neighbors with one little Woo Hoo!

This has also allowed us to free up Baker Sandy a little bit.  She will be headed to the mainland soon to check out the newest vending machines available to see if we can resolve these three areas that we know we are lacking on…Baked Pot Pies, Frozen Pies and most important, Special Order pick ups.  In just a few short weeks Sandy should have some answers, if not…if you know her at all…she will be on those manufacturers to customize something just for The Right Slice!

So, please know, we are always striving for perfection…and our new automated location is no different!  We will be working on improving it each and every day!

What that long winded introduction gets us to is FREE PIE!  Anyone up for that?!?!

We want to get the word out there about the new #Slicedevice s and the new #PieontheFly location at Harbor Mall.

What better than a social media contest to help us do just that?  We want you, our valued pie loving fans, to share your #slicedevice and #pieonthefly photos with the world.  Between now and May 1st we will be on the lookout for those all over the internet, and be sharing them ourselves….and at the beginning of next month we will be having a random drawing of all of our pie peeps who share with those either of those 2 hashtags:

#slicedevice  and/or #pieonthefly  …to be entered for FREE PIE for a year!

How’s that for a teaser?!  A free pot pie or baby pie each month for an entire year!  woo hoo!  love it….maybe I can enter too???

So, get on your smarty phone and snap some pics…your fab self in front of the slice device, your onolishous The Right Slice pies,  and even yourself enjoying those #slicedevice pies at the beach.  Help us spread the word…and we will even share some of our favorites on our Facebook pages!

Instagram, snapchat, facebook, twitter, and every other new fangled one I don’t know about…get on line, share your pics and be sure to tag us!  @TheRightSlice  #therightslice

Remember, these are your keys for pie success:  #slicedevice  #pieonthefly









wait, what?!?!  Did you hear that???  Did someone say mural?!?!   hmmmmm….

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