The Right Slice pie shop Slices Devices are growing!

We are very excited to be taking another exciting step forward with our little Kauai pie shop and it’s pie growth!

Maybe we should put together a ‘pie’ chart!  hee hee

Very soon we will be announcing some fun partnerships and additional locations where you will be able to grab one of our fabulously onolicious pies from a Slice Device located within another great local small business!

While our lease at Harbor Mall expires later this month and we haven’t quite decided if we want to set up another completely automated stand alone shop, we still want to have our pies available for you at your convenience!

Watch here and on our facebook pages for exciting announcements in the coming weeks of the new partnerships we are developing to get you even more pie!

How does pie and ice cream sound?

OR maybe pie and coffee?

Where would you like to see one of our pie vending machines, Slice Devices, pop up next???

1 comment for “The Right Slice pie shop Slices Devices are growing!

  1. Tom
    June 13, 2019

    Wow, just discovered your automat yesterday and now it’s going to close? How sad! I am enjoying a marvelous macademia nut pie! sooo delicious!

    I vote for an automat on the north shore – Kilauea? Princeville Center? Hanalei?

    Share the love of pie!



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