Unusual Pie Times…Positive Pie Times…

I thought I would give you an update…since we seem to have settled into our new ‘normal’ in the past few days.

When we made the difficult decision to lay off our staff so that they could collect unemployment, I had a few small goals in mind, keeping the bakery going, as a one woman show.

First was to pay my employees’ medical insurance premiums for this month, and second was to pay the electric bill.

I am happy to report that with your support and the overwhelming support of our community we have met both of those goals!  I thought it would take all month to do, and we did it in only 12 days!  Way to go pie lovers!!!

When I started this reduced schedule and reduced pie offerings, I also expected to only see a handful of people a day.  You, our devoted pie fans proved how little I know!  I have been going non stop for 12 days, not to mention the hectic 3 weeks before that!

Well, today I am happy to report that we will be bringing one employee back onto the payroll this week and hopefully several more next week!  Please bear with us, as we operate on a one or two woman show around here in the meantime!  We will be closely watching our sales to make sure we do not overextend ourselves, but we have high hopes to get our people working again sooner rather than later!

We (I) are in the process of trying to get the over 50 pot pies made that were donated in the last couple of days, so we can find hungry bellies for them to fill!  This has also been something I absolutely did not expect, but really, with our customers, I should have!

Remember, Kauai is going to be struggling through, like the rest of the world, if you would like to support some of your local small businesses, like ours, check out www.giveKauaiHope.com    Here you can purchase T-shirts representing many of your local favorites and $10 from each shirt will go directly to that business!  I am touched by the checks we have received from this program in the past two weeks!  Keep it up pie lovers!

And if you would like to donated pot pies to fill hungry bellies, just place an order on line and we will take care of the rest.

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for all you do not just now, but everyday for the past 10+ years to support our small pie shop here on Kauai!

I will keep you posted as things change, as they inevitably do.

Mahalos and Aloha!



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