Family Size Chicken Pot Pie

A Great Week at The Right Slice Pie Shop

It has been a bright week in our otherwise partly sunny pie world this week!  Thank you to all of our smiling customers who have been in supporting us and sharing us with their friends and families and co-workers and yard helpers and house cleaners and dentists and everyone else I am forgetting!

We have had beautiful gifts of homemade candied pecans, and juicy mangos fresh from the tree and just a fantastic positive community vibe!

Today we even had a donation of dinner to our town Fire Department.  Isn’t that the best thing ever?!?!

And we had a great review online as well!  Which was actually my whole point of today’s post!

Here it is, I just wanted to share!

Too Good!
As Kauai residents, we have been to Right Slice several times. Desserts are great, but the savory pies are even better. Delicious vegetarian options. For me, crust is usually just something to keep the filling from sticking to the pan. But their crust is good enough to eat by itself. 
Clayton E. thank you so much!

When was the last time you shared an online review of one of your favorite places?  I’m not just talking about us, but we hope we are on that list!  But really….your local cafe, your favorite hairdresser, your favorite corner pub.  These days we all depend a lot on social media.  TripAdvisor is a HUGE part of that.  Especially those of us in tourist destinations.

So, please, go online, check out TripAdvisor and leave some reviews for some of your favorite places.  Trust me, it will bring smiles to their faces!

Aloha and A hui hou!

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