Hawaii is Open for Business….well…

Hawaii opened for visitors with no quarantine, having a negative covid test, on October 15th.  We were withholding our excitement…to make sure it actually happened.  Well, it did.  We are open!

Well, it has been 5 days, we have seen over 30,000 people land in Hawaii, but so far Kauai has been relatively steady.  So far no spikes in sales or numbers of people in the bakery.  We will keep you posted as this week progresses and we will watch our Farmer’s Market attendance this week.

We kept our expectations low, and are looking forward to the holiday season.  Our Thanksgiving order forms will go out today…and this may be the first year we will have to limit our holiday pie production, with our much reduced staff.  Time will tell.

Watch for our bakery retail area to reopen to the public on Monday, November 2nd.  While we have been serving the community throughout the entire lockdown, we did so with a small pick up window at the front of the building.  We are excited to show off our new mural and our new bakery displays in a couple of short weeks!

Please spread the word that we are open and that we are happy to have visitors return.  Just keep in mind all of the guidelines and rules as you do so.  We want to keep our staff and our island safe, so that you all can join us again soon!


Oh, and PS…we are hiring…spread the word, we are ready to take on a new Assistant Manager!


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