Pie Shipping Test Update

What a pie adventure we have embarked on!
Our first round of pie tests are now complete.  Thank you very much to those who received our first pies…well, if you can call them pies…cobbler maybe?

Poor little pies!  All of our pies arrived with in the USPS timeframe.  Some quite early, others on the last day.  But none of the pies we shipped out made it in one nice round piece!
So, we are back to the drawing …

The Right Slice Pies across the US…

Last week we shipped out two pies to the mainland. 
I was very excited to hear what Rick from Minnesota had to say…You see…Rick is somewhat of a pie expert and has his very own Pie Council within his work office!  What a treat!  Working with others who share a passion for good food!
Well….the Mango Lilikoi Pie made it safe and sound, was promptly baked off and enjoyed.  Here is what they had to say:
I recently got a …