Pi Day 2017 at The Right Slice, Kaua’i Hawaii

Pi Day is nearly upon us. You know what that means! Fun Pi Specials here at the Pie Shop in Kalaheo!

We have a lot going on at our Kalaheo full service location for Pi Day on Tuesday, March 14th. Stop in and play our Pi Day Challenge and take advantage of lots of Pi(e) specials!

National Pie Day, celebrated in Hawaii, at The Right Slice, of course

Can you believe that January is more than half way over already?!?!  How did that happen?
National Pie Day is sneaking up on us…tomorrow, as a matter of fact!  How are you celebrating?  We would love to know!  Share your National Pie Day celebrations on our Facebook pages.  Kalaheo  or Lihue
Speaking of Facebook, do you follow us?  We would love to hear more from you…leave us a like, or a  comment, or share a fun Pie Cartoon with us …

A Very Successful National Pie Day on Kaua’i

Today was a fabulous day to celebrate
National Pie Day on Kaua’i!
We had great weather…the rain held out and the clouds gave us some cover from the heat of the sun.  The breeze kept us cool as we were slinging slices of pie through out the morning.
The Right Slice celebrated in high form today!  We had a very well attended demonstration at 10:30 where we blended and rolled a pie dough and one lucky lady went home with …

National Pie Day January 23rd

Did you know there was a National Pie Day?!?!?  Me neither!
Well…there is!  And it is coming up quickly…so…being the newest & only pie bakery here on Kaua’i…we need to celebrate!
Join us on Saturday, January 23rd at the KCC Farmer’s Market.  Not only can you stock up on produce for the week, purchase some beautiful flowers and have some lunch…BUT…you can ALSO join in the fun of National Pie Day!
I will be sharing a demonstration at 10:30 am on …